MEPS Building Engineers provide specialist design in the following disciplines:


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


At MEPS Building Engineers, we have a long-standing involvement is the design and specification of HVAC systems. This extends several boundaries across differing types of buildings e.g. retail, hospitality industry, medical facilities, heritage buildings, housing, offices, recreation centers and pool complexes to name a few.

Aesthetics, all year-round comfort and energy conservation are the main drivers for our engineers starting at conceptual design stage and continuing to the conclusion of the detailed design. Issues relating to longevity, value for money and serviceability are also key parameters we consider seriously.
The result is well documented and considered designs that have the Client and end user in mind first and foremost.

We continuously monitor and engage with the latest world innovations in the fields of HVAC systems adapted where practicable to the New Zealand and South Pacific region.


Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering (The branch of engineering that specializes in the design, construction, and practical uses of electrical systems). At MEPS Building Engineers, we very much focus on the practical uses.

Building Services Electrical Engineering covers one of the widest ranges of applications. Some of the areas where we provide design and documentation services include:

  • Electrical Power Distribution and Control Systems.
  • Standby Power Systems.
  • Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Architectural Interior and Exterior Lighting and Lighting Control Systems.
  • Emergency Lighting Design.
  • Communications and Structured Cabling Systems.
  • Security Systems.
  • Multimedia Systems.
  • Specialist Hospital Systems (i.e. Nurse-Call, Emergency-Call and Duress Systems),
  • Integration of all of the above systems.

We have experience in designing for a variety of different applications including pools, outdoor spaces, carparking, sports facilities, high end office fitouts, schools and areas of harsh environments like marine and industrial applications requiring chemical and corrosive resistances and public or high needs facilities requiring vandal resistance.

With our ability to create 3D lighting models in house, we can accurately simulate both artificial and daylight conditions to maximize the best of both worlds in designing effective and dynamic lighting environments. This also allows us to create interesting and visually effective architectural and feature lighting designs.

We can design spaces to suit any mood from task oriented spaces to warm, welcoming socializing one or anything in between. We can even design spaces that transition from one to another to suit multiple uses.


Plumbing and Drainage

Plumbing and Drainage

Conservation of water and energy are our top focus and we promote the use of solar water heating, rainwater harvesting, low flow fixtures, thermal insulation and optimum plant location.

We have design experience in a variety of systems including, rainwater reuse, seawater use, central water heating systems, co-generation systems, solar and heatpump water heating, instantaneous water heating, wastewater treatment for discharge to irrigation, greasy drainage, industrial drainage, gas, dental gases, compressed air and green star design.

Our ability to model sanitary drainage in 3D in house is invaluable for multi level apartments and commercial facilities to ensure service spaces are sufficient and to assist with co-ordination in tight spaces. We also have the experience to be able to assist with service space requirements at the beginning of building design to avoid issues later in the process.


Swimming Pools and Water Features

Swimming Pools

MEPS Building Engineers has been involved in a large variety of different types and sizes of pools, water features and hydroslides. From wave pools, spa’s, hydrotherapy pools and toddlers pools to multistory hydroslides and water features, MEPS has been involved in the design of the plant, pumping systems, electrical, ventilation, drainage and water reticulation for the changing rooms.

Our focus is always on energy efficiency and easy to maintain systems. Previous designs have

included solar water heating and co-generation.
We are able to provide assistance and advice on existing facilities as well including plant upgrades and replacement, interstitial and surface condensation checks, reviews and advising on optimum insulation material and thicknesses for walls and roofs, water quality auditing, energy auditing of swimming pool buildings and advising on maintenance and modernisation of existing municipal pools and buildings.


Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)


MEPS design team, as a matter of course, employ environmentally sustainable design philosophy in everyday design and workings of the office. We actively seek and engage our Clients in conversation and discussion at the outset, identifying available opportunities without loosing sight of commercial realities. The results are normally very encouraging and more often than a number of ESD features are employed.

Previous ESD designs of ours have achieved acknowledgment from the industry resulting in awards from Engineering New Zealand (previously the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand IPENZ), NZIOB, the Registered Master Builders Association and ACENZ.


Peer Reviews

In addition to providing full designs for the disciplines shown above MEPS design team can also provide peer reviews for these disciplines including producer statements and are Auckland Council approved producer statement authors.

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