Natural Green Pools!

Natural Green Pools is a new trend in the domestic swimming pool industry. Hopefully not due to the dreaded common algae (Pediastrum boryanum).

Whilst a private pool is an asset and a pleasure for the family, many people suffer from allergic reactions to chlorine, normally added to swimming pools as a disinfecting agent.

If you are intending on designing a new pool for your family or for a client, why not consider a natural green pool.

Admittedly, this is not a new idea.

Based on a chemical free natural filtration system, it allows the perimeter water-loving plant beds to act as a water filter and do all the work a typical pool filter would do.

Pool water overflows onto the perimeter plant beds (water restoration area). Water is filtered by absorption through the carefully designed plant bed. Pumped underdrains (acting as subsoil drainage coils but in reverse) the clean and filtered water is then returned to the pool. Simple, no chemicals added!

So, your next natural green pool will require no harmful chemicals, will be fairly low-tech, and once established, it will require little of your time to maintain. Only top up now and then whilst you are drinking a cold minty mojito. Oh, these summer days are coming!