Cooling and Heating by Chilled Beams are Here to Stay

Chilled beams is the world’s most recent technique for in-ceiling heating and cooling applications.

Simply based on a horizontal air coil with room air induced over it by a combination of buoyancy and induction air forces, the system’s benefits are;

  • A virtually silent system,
  • No moving parts, no fans,
  • No routine maintenance within the office space,
  • Low ceiling space requirement (about 220 mm),
  • Can be either exposed or ceiling concealed,
  • Most efficient system available,
  • No condensate drainage,
  • Very good zone control capability,
  • Can be installed in a raking ceiling.
  • Can easily substitute conventional 2 or 4 pipe chilled water systems in existing buildings and
  • Now chilled beams are fabricated in New Zealand.

Pacific Consultants (now known as MEPS Building Engineers) have to date completed two projects incorporating chilled beams;

  • Recently, the new Mainfreight Terminal building and offices in Christchurch and
  • The Willis Centre, Wellington. (Merit Award- ACENZ Innovate Awards of Excellence)