About MEPS Building Engineers

MEPS Building Engineers (formally known as Pacific Consultants) have been serving New Zealand and the South Pacific since 1998.

MEPS offers comprehensive and integrated engineering services for the building industry:

  • Mechanical
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Aquatic


Meet the Team

Sam Mukhtar

Principal. Mechanical, Hydraulic, & Aquatics.

Sam trained in the UK, at Bath and Manchester Universities in the 1980s. His background is mechanical engineering with postgraduate degree in Building Services.

Sam’s everyday engineering work involves HVAC, lifts and hydraulic systems. He is focused on delivering architecturally sympathetic environmentally friendly design solutions.

Sam has a keen interest in the design of mechanical systems for aquatic buildings covering recreational and spa pools, water features, crazy rivers and water slides. Sam has now some 35 years of consulting engineering experience and heads the mechanical and electrical teams at MEPS Building Engineers.

Brenda Connell

Principal. Mechanical & Hydraulics.

Brenda’s particular interests include designing environmentally friendly and effective air conditioning systems, natural ventilation solutions and hydraulic systems, including rainwater reuse and solar water heating systems.

She completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at the University of Auckland in 2004.

She is experienced in building services engineering and has been involved in specialist air conditioning systems including chilled beams, energy efficient ventilation systems such as carpark ventilation, hot and cold water services including rainwater reuse, sanitary drainage services, domestic gas supply services, underfloor heating systems, commercial kitchen extract systems and compressed air systems. 

In her spare time Brenda is a keen netball player and is a founding member of the Limited Edition Netball Club.

Manuel Tan

Associate. Electrical.

Manuel is an Associate Electrical Engineer specialising in building services and electrical system. Some of his recent projects include electrical calculations, lighting systems and electrical power design for apartment buildings, offices, schools, restaurants and hotels.

Manuel is a registered electrical engineer here in New Zealand and in the Philippines. He has a unique knowledge of both electrical design and construction processes through 10 years of experience with reputable consulting engineering firms. He has particular interest in energy efficient and sustainable designs and is fascinated with lighting design and modelling.

Manuel likes to be in his mini-library catching up on reading his collections in his spare time. He also enjoys playing badminton and basketball.

MEPS team 2019
The MEPS team

Sam, Brenda and Manuel are assisted by a professional team of mechanical and electrical engineers. Their combined effort and dedication in delivering quality and considered design is their number one priority.

Aidan Clarke

Aidan completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at the University of Auckland in 2017.

Aidan has a keen interest in environmentally friendly and innovative design solutions. He has always had an interest in mathematics and science and their real-world application. Aidan is at present working on HVAC systems design, hydraulics and thermal efficiency of buildings.

In his spare time, Aidan enjoys playing hockey and he is a keen snowboarder.

Ronald Briones

Ronald is a talented Electrical Engineer with design experience in oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing, mining and buildings services. Some of his recent projects include the electrical power supply and reticulation, lighting systems for offices, warehouses, retail, and residential apartments.

Ronald is always interested and fascinated with the fast pace of technology relating to power and lighting systems. He regularly uses the latest advancement in his design schemes when deemed appropriate.

During his spare time, he loves cooking in his tiny kitchen. He also shows interest in travelling and exploring different parts of the world.

Pierre-Jacques Gandino

Our Queenstown based, Multi-Discipline, Project Co-ordinator Pierre-Jacques completed his Masters in Civil Engineering in 2013 with a specialization in Structural Engineering in the university town of Clermont-Ferrand in France. In his final year of study, Pierre-Jacques discovered Fire Engineering during a Research and Development internship which led him to start his working life in Paris as a Structural Fire Engineer in Paris. After three years of great work experience, a huge desire to travel, and an eagerness to work abroad, Pierre-Jacques moved to New Zealand to work as a Fire Engineer.

Pierre-Jacques appreciates a collaborative working environment and likes to share ideas and knowledge with the team. He is experienced in Fire Engineering especially in co-ordinating with Architects, Building Services, Civil and Structural Engineers.

In his free time, Pierre-Jacques is practicing kite sports, hiking and snowboarding. He is enjoying New Zealand’s lifestyle and landscapes so much that he may never leave